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Push notifications are a significant driver of user engagement for most apps, and just 42% of an iOS app’s user base opts in to receive push notifications, according to data from Urban Airship. Performance does differ between various app categories, however.

  • Across all categories the best-performing apps in terms of push notification rates tend to track above 50%.

  • Apps that fall into the median group (50th percentile) performed significantly worse. The average difference in opt-in rates across all categories between the high and median groups was about 20%, but ranged from as high as a 31% difference to a 15% difference in opt-in rates.

  • Only three app categories in the high group reached opt-in rates higher than 70%: business, charities, and travel. Meanwhile high-performing apps in gaming, media, and health & fitness had opt-in rates in just the 50-60% range.

The data did not include Android apps because apps downloaded from Google Play use an opt-out instead of an opt-in system, meaning that when an app is downloaded on the Android platform a user will receive push notifications unless he takes specific action to opt-out of notifications.

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