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The long-awaited day, «Mobilegeddon,» arrived yesterday, when Google updated its search engine so thatmobile-friendly web pages would rank higher on mobile search results (Google also published an FAQ on the update for webmasters). The algorithm update might have a big impact on major brands. Nearly one-half of Fortune 500 companies, and one-quarter of major retailers do not have mobile-friendly websites, according to RKG data cited by The Wall Street Journal. It’s a good opportunity to review some basic facts around the update, selected from Google‘s FAQ:

  • The update only affects search rankings on mobile devices. Search results on PCs won’t be influenced by mobile-friendliness.
  • The update affects the ranking of individual webpages. Entire websites won’t be penalized if they contain pages that aren’t mobile-friendly.
  • Specific mobile-design strategies aren’t privileged over others. A website can bemobile friendly if it uses responsive design, a separate mobile site, etc.
  • The update is global. It won’t be restricted to certain markets or languages.
  • Again, the update will take a while, up to a week, before all pages in Google‘s index are re-ranked according to the new criteria. 
  • Also, mobile sites linking to mobile-unfriendly sites won’t be penalized. 

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